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No Comments 31 August 2010

Iggy and the Stooges play hard
If you play hard enough, you don’t have to play long. That was the lesson from the 72-minute performance by Iggy and the Stooges on Sunday night at the packed Riviera Theatre. The quintet’s aural blitzkrieg was brief but violent, briskly paced and brutally loud. The 16-song concert included all eight tunes from 1973’s proto-punk classic, “Raw Power.”
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St. Michael looks to cut budget costs
The St. Michael City Council discussed cuts and fee increases for the proposed 2011 budget.
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Couple who fought AEP are left fighting the law
ROCKBRIDGE, Ohio A Hocking County couple who lost their battle to stop American Electric Power from installing a power line across their property find themselves in another fight, this time with the law.
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Deciding Between A Mobility Scooter And An Electric Wheelchair

No Comments 11 August 2010

Deciding Between A Mobility Scooter And An Electric Wheelchair

Advances in personal mobility products including scooters and electric wheelchairs have returned convenience, freedom, and independence to many seniors suffering from limited mobility. These advances, because there are now so many quality choices, have also necessitated a thorough review of options and needs to ensure that the eventual purchase of the mobility product results in the best solution for each individual. The following is a review of both personal mobility products including descriptions as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each.

Mobility Scooters:

These scooters allow for low cost mobility without the psychological weight of being confined to a wheelchair. Options include a variety of styles, colors, designs and upgrades and cover the full spectrum of uses from shopping to navigating uneven terrain.   These scooters come in three different model types:

* Three wheel – These models typically offer better handling in tight quarters and more leg room than other options.
* Four wheel – Built for a bearing weight of up to 500 pounds, these scooters offer more stability and heavy duty mobility than the three wheel mobility scooters.
* Compact scooters – For situations where storage or transportation options are limited, these scooters fold down to allow for placement in smaller areas whether in the house, car, or van.     
Steering and control of electric mobility scooters is usually done via handlebars much like those seen on bicycles and work best for owners that are not suffering from upper body mobility issues. Top speeds average around 8 miles per hour, with higher power models usable on roads, uneven terrain, and up steep hills. Another advantage of these scooters is that transporting them requires only a simple trailer which can easily be attached to the back of a car or van.
Personal mobility scooters are an extremely cost-effective solution toward re-building an individual’s mobility, freedom and independence. Scooters, ranging in price from ,000 for a basic model to ,000 for one that is fully loaded, are much lower in price than electric powered wheelchairs.

Electric wheelchairs:
Advances in electric wheelchairs have all but eliminated the old perception of the “loaner chairs” available at airports, shopping malls and amusement parks and replaced it with a personal mobility option loaded with high tech features and capabilities. These chairs come with four to six wheels, easy maneuverability, and programmable joysticks for ease of navigation.

Built for individuals with greater mobility issues, these electric wheelchairs offer durability, stability, and a wide array of seat movement options including motorized stand, tilt, support, and recline functions which can be tailored to individual needs.
Three major drawbacks of electric wheelchairs are that they don’t fold down, their considerable weight, and their cost. The weight and non-foldable nature of the chairs severely limits their use with standard cars, lifts and light duty trailers. These chairs function much better in customized vans where four point tie-downs make for a much safer and stable ride. Cost-wise, electric power wheelchairs are the most expensive type of personal mobility vehicle with prices for upgraded electric wheelchairs going up to around ,000.
Determining the right personal mobility product comes down to an assessment of needs.

Mobility scooters are work best for people who:

* Do not have upper body mobility issues
* Are using the scooter for relatively brief periods of time
* Will need to transport the scooter in a car

Electric power wheelchairs are probably best suited for those who:
* Need joystick based navigation due to upper body mobility issues
* Need posture support
* Will be in the chair for extended periods of time

Power Mobility Scooters: Whether you’re looking for a lift chair, a luxury adjustable bed, a power chair or a mobility scooter, The Mobility Scooters Store is the best place online to shop for all of your mobility products. Visit us online at Discount Mobility Scooters or call (877) 985-7679


Most popular Electric Wheelchair auctions

No Comments 11 August 2010

Some recent electric wheelchair auctions on eBay:

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Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide

No Comments 11 August 2010

Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide
Electric Golf Cart Owners! Discover what you really need to know about your Electric Golf Cart Batteries. Achieve maximum performance and obtain a longer battery life. This Guide will save you time and money ! ** .95 ** Has a 50% affiliate payout
Electric Golf Cart Battery Guide


The Human Touch Power Electric Perfect Chair Recliner – PC95 / PC-095 Walnut Recline Wood Base Black Leather Pads – Interactive Health Zero Anti Gravity Chair

1 Comment 11 August 2010

The Human Touch Power Electric Perfect Chair Recliner – PC95 / PC-095 Walnut Recline Wood Base Black Leather Pads – Interactive Health Zero Anti Gravity Chair

  • Human Touch Perfect Zero Gravity Anti Gravity Power Recliner – In Stock for immediate shipping.
  • BLACK Leather Pads on a WALNUT Wood Base – Includes the Adjustable Lumbar Air Bladder pillow
  • Newest PC-095 Power Electric Verison with the folding footrest for easier entry and exit from the chair
  • The self-inflating headrest/lumbar pillow and the cervical/lumbar pillow to give you exactly the comfort you need.
  • Fast Free Standard Continental USA Ground Shipping is included. No PO Boxes or APO addresses and No Air Express Shipping.

PC95 / PC-095 HUMAN TOUCH / INTERACTIVE HEALTH Electric Power Recline Perfect Zero Gravity Recliner / Chair with the new folding Footrest – Classic II Now the stress free comfort of Zero Gravity therapy can be custom crafted to fit your lifestyle. The zero gravity position cradles your back and elevates your legs above your heart, which is the position that doctors recommend as the healthiest way to sit. Easy ingress and egress are achieved with the extended range of motion in the upright positi

List Price: $ 1,999.00

Price: $ 1,999.00

Lifting Cushion Electric Chair Seat Lift – Weight Range Up to 300 lbs

  • CSA & C/US Approved – Power Seat CSA & C/US approved. 10ft (3m) power cord plugs into a standard 120 volt outlet.
  • Portable – Lifting Cushion Electric Chair Seat Lift is easy to move from room to room, or take with you when you are visiting. The base is designed with a built-in carry handle.
  • Durable – The injection-molded base is made of durable polycarbonate, and covered with a non-slip material that prevents shifting on fabric seating surfaces.
  • Safe – The flexible seat curves to a flat surface that lifts you up on a level plane. This patented LeveLift design provides for a safe lift up, with no forward dumping motion. Patent # 5,316,370
  • Waterproof – The breathable fabric cover is waterproof and machine washable in cold water. Comes in black.

Lifting Cushion – Power Seat is an electric-powered lifting cushion for use on existing furniture at home, or when you are visiting. Lifting Cushion Electric Chair Seat Lift will lift you effortlessly from your favorite armchair or sofa with a flick of the power lever. If you have a Power Seat Chair Seat Lift in your living room, you may want to get a Power Seat for your dining room or kitchen. Power Seats are excellent for this use, as you can stop them at any height and move easily away from t

Rating: (out of 1 reviews)

List Price: $ 329.99

Price: $ 139.95

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