Lancashire Hotpots perform Shopmobility Scooter

30 Comments 05 September 2010

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  1. TheAshton06 says:

    @tonivfr “av u got a shiner!?!” lol

  2. kevmufc2k8 says:

    Lancashire rules!!!!

  3. michala182 says:

    lol 🙂 i was taught by willie eckerslike

    and thinks generalwbush is miserable, if you dont like it dont watch it and moan!!!!

  4. tonivfr says:

    Lancashire FTW.


    I love Bernard 😀

    I’ve seen them live. I was right at the front of the audience with my friends and they pointed at me in the ‘He’s turned emo’ song.

    Bernard is sooo awesome :DD

  5. rubbernip says:

    just the way he says”shopmobility scoooootur.fuckin ace.

  6. musiclanj says:

    couldn’t agree more, lancashire forever!

  7. lithiumhaze25 says:

    It really was – i’m from Liverpool, and it’s usually total rubbish on Radio City xD

  8. bfccal says:

    makes me proud to be from lancashire

  9. timlyo says:


  10. peaco1000 says:

    I bet that was the best minute of broadcasting they had on that station all year.

  11. tank8812345 says:


  12. generalwbush says:

    Or is it cos folk go… “Am from t’ noe’ west. A can relate to thee” while putting on a faux lancastrian accent.

    Now I am from the North West, and while I find them entertaining, and yes, even occasionally funny, I find Stephen Lynch funnier, since he actually sings about things that actually matter, like homosexuality, drugs, and the death of elderly relatives…

    Now, how about a game of darts in t’local, cocka.

  13. lionhart25 says:

    there playin at my local some time next year

  14. jamesPNE says:

    wen is there next concert???

  15. jamesPNE says:

    wot LEGENDS!! luv it!!!
    the bit were it sez scooter is fab

  16. peaco1000 says:

    Straight from the heart.

  17. mossip says:

    im from prescot and a few people have accents like this and also mixed with a little scouse!

  18. diffusiononline says:

    because the Hotpots have an enigmatic hold over their fans ;0)

  19. kingmikeadz07 says:

    that was err………..quite amazing but how the hell has it got a 5star rating!!!! lol

  20. babibeckyg says:

    i have that accent thank you and actually manc right i have a manc friend n his accent is different and he don’t pronounce things right it don’t mean were all like them does it xx

  21. lummux says:

    It’s an Oasis pastiche

  22. nathanunsworth says:

    yeah i know leave there fuckin accent alone theyre a cool band well have good songs

  23. TanyaMcShane says:

    Oi! Just cus their accent is different from yours doesn’t mean it’s weird! I’d prefer to be a Northerner than a soft Southern twat. And Americans.. Well.. Won’t say nowt!

  24. sbailey03 says:

    its hotpots own i think!

  25. ElliottIzMint says:

    Sayin’ all english speak like that is like saying an Alabama accent is the same as a calfifornian accent. I’m a manc myself.. they’re playing Atherton later this year + its just round the corner from me :D!

  26. darkmaster943 says:


  27. XxXAngelEmilyXxX says:

    i love this song its the greatest hehe

  28. jmrocks95 says:

    absolute legends!!

  29. xBreakingxdawnx says:

    haha i love them!!!!

  30. 01petertoplis says:

    1st coments yes

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